Leaders Matter. Leadership Matters More.

Douglass and Lisa-Marie Hatcher
2 min readApr 4, 2022

Last Friday, Lisa-Marie Hatcher, Daniel (Dan) Edds, MBA, and I kicked off the inaugural broadcast of our new Linkedin Live show called The Genetics of Leadership. We had an amazing guest for our first show. We sat down with Prof. Dave Ulrich from Michigan’s Ross School of Business to talk about the next generation of leadership and culture.

Prof. Ulrich is one of the top academics and thought leaders in the HR space. In fact, HR Magazine named him the “Father of Modern HR.”

You can watch the replay here:

Below, you can find key quotes/takeaways from Prof. Ulrich:

-Let’s focus not on where we work and how we work, but why we work and what we work on.

-I think the ultimate test of a leader is did he or she create leadership?

-Individuals play well. Organizations win.

-Culture outlasts the leader.

-Leaders matter. Leadership matters more.

-And the ultimate test of a leader is to create the next generation of leadership so that the leadership perpetuates the right leadership or the culture.

-How often is the leading actor or actress in the movie that wins movie of the year?And the answer is 20%. That means, 80% of the time the director is in the movie that wins movie of the year. So even in movies and sports and business, you got to have great people and even greater organization through leadership.

-What makes for a high performing team? Do we have a clear purpose? Do we have good governance? Do we relate with each other? Are we constantly learning purpose, governance, relationships, and learning.

-Believe, become and belong.

Which insight resonates the most with you?

For more of Prof. Dave Ulrich’s insights, make sure and follow him on LinkedIn and check out his weekly newsletter that comes out every Tuesday.

You can find his articles here…https://lnkd.in/dxQr-pB4



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